Roidmi RS40 White Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 65 Minutes Run Time

Roidmi RS40 White Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 65 Minutes Run Time


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Roidmi RS40 White Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 65 Minutes Run Time

Combined vacuuming and mopping
120,000rpm brush-less motor
Up-to 65 mins battery (standard mode)
Magnetic wireless charging
Air-X air-dust separation system
Vacuum first Mop later
All at the same time
ROIDMI RS40 adopts the integrated design of vacuuming and mopping, which can be done at the same time. Save time and trouble.
Plant bionic fiber wet mop
Intelligent slow drip technology – water does not overflow
Designed From the principle of plant capillarity systems , the mop head automatically absorbs water when mopping to keep the mop
cloth wet and water will not overflow when static with the microfiber mop cloth attached you achieve a uniform deep clean for all hard floor surfaces.
LED lighting
No blind area cleaning
Innovative floor brush has LED photosensitive sensor lamp design, and instantly lights up in darker areas when cleaning so dirt can
not hide under beds , sofas and other dark corners. There is no place for dust to hide in the dark.
The BMS-X system
8 x cell LG/ Samsung lithium battery,
Up-to 70 minutes of battery life (standard mode)
The new generation of BMS-X extends battery life by intelligently optimizing the management of the eight LG / Samsung power lithium batteries.
The mobile APP will inform you of the battery health status, and timely remind you if there is any problem.
Intelligent suction protection
The host will be automatically stopped
without front filter element
If dust particles are inhaled into the host, this will reduce the suction performance, or even damage the motor.
The RS40 will stop working if the Filter is missing therefore extending the service life of the vacuum cleaner and protecting the motor at the same time.


Total Rated Power 435W
Suction Power 138W (on Max)
Brushless DC motor 120,000Rpm
Vacuum 25,000Pa (on Max)
Product Size 1191×259×158mm
Dust Cup Capacity 0.4L
Charging Time 2.5hours
Product Weight 2.6 kg
Lithium Battery Capacity 2500mAH/72Wh
Endurance(Standard 2 MAX )
  Up-to 65min ( Standard )
  Up-to 40min ( High )
  Up-to10min ( Max )
Noise(Low gear) 83dB (on Max)
Bluetooth Yes

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