Black Stainless Steel Ninja 7.5L 15-In-1 One Lid Multi Cooker plus probe OL750UK.

Black Stainless Steel Ninja 7.5L 15-In-1 One Lid Multi Cooker plus probe OL750UK.


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Ninja Foodi MAX 15 in 1 SmartLId Multi Cooker with Smart Cook System OL750UK

Discover the Ninja Foodi 15-in-1 Multi Cooker: The Key to Delicious Home-Cooked Meals

Unlock the potential of your kitchen with the Ninja Foodi 15-in-1 Multi Cooker, a versatile and innovative appliance that will revolutionize your cooking experience. With its 15 cooking functions and Smart Cook system, the OL750UK is the ultimate kitchen companion, allowing you to prepare mouthwatering meals effortlessly.

Experience Kitchen Versatility Like Never Before

Prepare a wide variety of dishes using the 15 cooking functions conveniently integrated into the SmartLid of the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker. These functions include:

  1. Pressure Cook: Harness the power of heated steam to cook steaks, chili, and other meals up to 70% faster than traditional methods.
  2. Air Frying/Steam Air Fry: Indulge in guilt-free French fries and crisps with up to 75% less fat than conventional frying, thanks to the minimal use of oil.
  3. Slow Cook: Adjust the timing and temperature controls to create delectable casseroles and stews that are ready to enjoy when you arrive home.
  4. Sear/Sauté: Whether you need caramelized onions for hotdogs or perfectly seared meat for your roast, this versatile option has got you covered.
  5. Grill: Prepare succulent burgers, halloumi skewers, or tender chicken breasts using the quick grill function.
  6. Bake/Steam Bake: Achieve flawless results when baking bread, cakes, brioche, desserts, and more with the Steam Bake function.
  7. Dehydrate: Make nutritious snacks like beef jerky and vegetable crisps to pack in your children’s lunchboxes.
  8. Prove: Enjoy perfectly risen doughs for your star-quality bakes.
  9. Yoghurt: Create delicious, homemade yogurt to suit your taste preferences.

Cook Meals for the Whole Family in No Time

With the Steam Meals function, you can effortlessly prepare mouth-watering meals for the entire family in under 30 minutes. Steam Bread allows you to bake perfect bread with a golden crust, while Steam Bake ensures quick and fluffy cakes, brioche, and desserts. Thanks to the Steam Roast program and Smart Cook System, you can even cook a 3 kg roast chicken to perfection in less than an hour, achieving tender and crispy results that will leave everyone impressed.

Enjoy Precise Cooking with the Smart Cook System

Bid farewell to guesswork in the kitchen with the integrated Smart Cook System of the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker. The Digital Cooking Probe ensures perfectly cooked meat and fish, tailored to your desired level of doneness. Simply insert the leave-in probe into your food, select your preferred outcome, and let the probe monitor the temperature as your dish cooks, saving you the hassle.

Ninja Features to Enhance Your Cooking Experience

The OL750UK is designed with convenience in mind, offering features that make your cooking journey effortless:

  • Perfectly sized for up to six people, this multi cooker comes with a spacious 7.5 L cooking pot.
  • The 4.7 L Cook & Crisp basket allows for air frying and crisping with ease.
  • The 2-tier reversible rack provides flexibility for cooking complete meals on multiple levels, or raising food for steaming, baking, and grilling.

Designed to Impress in Any Kitchen

With its sleek black and stainless steel finish, the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker effortlessly complements any kitchen decor. The anti-slip feet ensure stability, preventing spills and accidents. Additionally, the ceramic-coated, non-stick accessories are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity with Chef-Created Recipes

To fuel your imagination and culinary prowess, the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker includes a chef-created recipe guide. This guide is packed with a wide selection of Ninja Foodi recipes and useful cooking charts, inspiring you to explore new flavors and experiment with your favorite ingredients.

Experience the Joy of Cooking with the Ninja Foodi 15-in-1 Multi Cooker. Elevate your culinary skills and savor the delicious meals you create in the comfort of your own home.​​​​


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